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September 22, 2010 / smooochie

rest of sept

Finally uploaded some random pictures from last week when we went to ALT for some present shopping!!

I love ALT because the staffs there are friendly and nice, and all the items are easy to find and of course, no crowds!

They have the cutest things!

Wow it took three guys and 1 hour to wrap a present! But the way they wrap it is like so detailed and conscientious that you just couldn’t get angry at them at all! I was quite surprised when he gave us the end product proudly and ask if we would like to have the honour of sticking our handwritten note onto the present!!

Me – Looking abit sick. 😦

We walked around in Central too.  Shopping in town during weekday afternoons is so refreshing and quiet!

At the end of the day we bought some takoballs and long john silvers back home to eat with Moon while we watch HIMYM!  I was so tired carrying all the shopping bags and all.

The past few days this week i was still feeling really really sick.  For the most part of the days Jo will come over and we’ll have a HIMYM marathon! The show’s like sooo great i just can’t stop watching it!

On Monday after getting home from my school project meeting i decided to make sushi for my sisters and some to bring to Eastcoast park! So i was making sushi until 1am and went to sleep with a big satisfied smile.

I must say that my sushi making skills have improved by leaps and bounds! Its actually really tasty when its freshly made!! I can’t wait to make them for Jun when he gets back.

Tuesday appeared to be off to a bad start.  The weather forecast was bad, and Jo was having cramps and my stomach was only slightly better from the day before.  However, we made it there against all odds!!

We cycled quite a long distance and it was quite late when we ended so we rushed back to my place to cook some Japanese curry!  We also had fried chicken sticks and warm oven toasted bread and we sat on the couch watching HIMYM. I cried really badly while cutting onions.  Never wear eyeliner when cutting onions (especially the white GIANT kind of onions!!) – i look like an emo-kid with black lines streaming down my cheeks.

The food was awesome though so it was kind of worth it.  Literally made with love, sweat and tears.

Today we had How I Met Your Mother marathon again – then dinner @Men-ichi.  We ordered way too much food and i felt quite guilty pigging out like this.  The only consolation was that the past few days i didn’t have much appetite but… well, we were supposed to go play table tennis today but because of the rain we stayed home all day long.

My parents just got back from their honeymoon trip to Shanghai so i’m so happy! No more being psuedo mum to the kids!! I did enjoy taking care of them though in a wierd motherly way.

Here’s some of their goodies

Free mooncakes from St. Regis delivered to their suite!

and loads of other things too – like wierd things!! Night gowns, scarves, chinese fans, wierd food such as meat moon cakes. erm.. okay.

This is an apple keyboard which my dad bought from US for the ipad. Lol.

And my FAVE FAVE FAVE chocolates!!

Whoaaa!! ALL MINE (except those with nuts)

anyway, happy mid-autumn fest!

Wow its 3.33am – I missed my beauty sleep tonight but i am having lots of fun chatting with Bihui. muahahaha.


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