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September 22, 2010 / smooochie

rest of sept

Finally uploaded some random pictures from last week when we went to ALT for some present shopping!!

I love ALT because the staffs there are friendly and nice, and all the items are easy to find and of course, no crowds!

They have the cutest things!

Wow it took three guys and 1 hour to wrap a present! But the way they wrap it is like so detailed and conscientious that you just couldn’t get angry at them at all! I was quite surprised when he gave us the end product proudly and ask if we would like to have the honour of sticking our handwritten note onto the present!!

Me – Looking abit sick. 😦

We walked around in Central too.  Shopping in town during weekday afternoons is so refreshing and quiet!

At the end of the day we bought some takoballs and long john silvers back home to eat with Moon while we watch HIMYM!  I was so tired carrying all the shopping bags and all.

The past few days this week i was still feeling really really sick.  For the most part of the days Jo will come over and we’ll have a HIMYM marathon! The show’s like sooo great i just can’t stop watching it!

On Monday after getting home from my school project meeting i decided to make sushi for my sisters and some to bring to Eastcoast park! So i was making sushi until 1am and went to sleep with a big satisfied smile.

I must say that my sushi making skills have improved by leaps and bounds! Its actually really tasty when its freshly made!! I can’t wait to make them for Jun when he gets back.

Tuesday appeared to be off to a bad start.  The weather forecast was bad, and Jo was having cramps and my stomach was only slightly better from the day before.  However, we made it there against all odds!!

We cycled quite a long distance and it was quite late when we ended so we rushed back to my place to cook some Japanese curry!  We also had fried chicken sticks and warm oven toasted bread and we sat on the couch watching HIMYM. I cried really badly while cutting onions.  Never wear eyeliner when cutting onions (especially the white GIANT kind of onions!!) – i look like an emo-kid with black lines streaming down my cheeks.

The food was awesome though so it was kind of worth it.  Literally made with love, sweat and tears.

Today we had How I Met Your Mother marathon again – then dinner @Men-ichi.  We ordered way too much food and i felt quite guilty pigging out like this.  The only consolation was that the past few days i didn’t have much appetite but… well, we were supposed to go play table tennis today but because of the rain we stayed home all day long.

My parents just got back from their honeymoon trip to Shanghai so i’m so happy! No more being psuedo mum to the kids!! I did enjoy taking care of them though in a wierd motherly way.

Here’s some of their goodies

Free mooncakes from St. Regis delivered to their suite!

and loads of other things too – like wierd things!! Night gowns, scarves, chinese fans, wierd food such as meat moon cakes. erm.. okay.

This is an apple keyboard which my dad bought from US for the ipad. Lol.

And my FAVE FAVE FAVE chocolates!!

Whoaaa!! ALL MINE (except those with nuts)

anyway, happy mid-autumn fest!

Wow its 3.33am – I missed my beauty sleep tonight but i am having lots of fun chatting with Bihui. muahahaha.

September 19, 2010 / smooochie

sick-day horrible day

In the past many days, i have been having what i think is the stomach flu, flu, body aches, headaches and a little bit of sunburn since East Coast with Bow.  Despite all this, I have went to the gym, tried to play table tennis, major stairs climbing with Dawn on Friday night and spent $99 on Heliocare oral sunblock tablets and compact powder (YES its on sale!!).

I’m still feeling quite sick yesterday but I’m glad that i managed to go to the Marina Barrage to look at the kites and play with sparklers and lanterns!  The kites were amazing – many even has LED lights installed so that you can see it flashing in the sky at night! Gone were the days of the traditional diagonally shaped kites that i knew, replaced by super expensive ($20-$30-plus plus plus!!) cool and modern kites such as a 3D Nemo kite, penguin kites, fish kites, and UFO lookalikes!

Anyway it was a great night with great company to chill out but i wish i wasn’t feeling so sick.  Still thanks Dawn for buying me porridge and bubble tea!

I guess this post is really whiny but for the past few days my stomach had kept me up til really late at night – sometimes i feel like i have not slept at all.  I think tonight will be no better too but i shall start revising my bio-psych and on my assignments!

Today i still felt horrible – plus i woke up with my whole body aching really badly.

It’s definitely times like this that makes me wish that Jun is with me but Bow came over with porridge and we spent the day watching How I Met Your Mother at my house.  Thank God for bestfriends like these!!

September 12, 2010 / smooochie

7 years old dancing single ladies

This dance video is awesome!! These girls are only 7 years old – which is so impressive! I can’t even dance at all… oh man i wish i can dance like that…

September 11, 2010 / smooochie


Had loads of fun hanging out with my besties the past few weeks! I love having the time to spend doing things i loved to do.

First – OCC is the love!!

❤ Bren!

we love to camwhore!







2nd Love: Shopping!

My bestie just graduated and is now back in SG looking for a job!

Welcome home Bow!

3rd Love: Movies

Watched Step Up in 3D.  Quite a good show although the 3D effects and specs gave me a headache.  Wish i can dance like that but the dancing shoes skipped me. 😦

Bow’s wearing a formal shirt with a super informal shorts because she had an interview.

And i’m wearing my fave maxi dress!!

Cycling @ East Coast Park

Sadly it started raining when we were in town so we were quite worried our cycling plans would not work out.  In the end though, we took a bus to East Coast and it wasn’t raining.  In fact, we even got sun burnt and wierd tanlines. Lol.

lol we have a mummy bag and baby bag here.

We’re here at East Coast finally!!

Cycling – 2 hours worth.

My tictacs (fave sweet at the moment) is really awesome.  It made the bicycle stand on the sand!

The wierd tanlines


September 10, 2010 / smooochie

Singapore’s National Day

OCC is one of my most loved places in Singapore since I practically grew up there.  I used to desperately want to have a tan so I’d bring a bottle of the strongest banana boat tanning oil and one of my many bikinis and a magazine and lie on the sundeck for hours.  Sadly i never got tanned.

On the way!

Sushi tastes so much better by the pool!

After lunch we went to the sauna and then did our make up before leaving OCC for Suntec.

It was National Day so we went to check out the military parade

Dinner @ PhoHoa

Ordered the usual springrolls and avocado juice

Shared the beef pho with Bren!



Walked around Suntec after dinner! The lights at the water fountain was quite funny.  People get to dedicate messages which would be displayed by the lights!

Happy birthday Singapore!  Yet another year of peace and harmony…


September 9, 2010 / smooochie

Random Loves

I’ve been meaning to update for such a long time!!

I have just resolved to updating my blog uber regularly.  Yeaah. Life has been so great the past few weeks its a shame not to record them!!

So starting with random photoposts!

Family dinners!

I’m kinda missing my daddy who’s in US now. 😦 He keeps traveling and i pray that God will take care of his wellbeing!

Mummy will be meeting him in Shanghai next week when he flies there so i hope that they will have a wonderful time traveling together!!



The knight in the shining armor!

and the princesses he protects! I love my siss! ❤

My most loved family… 🙂

George & Dragons must be one of the most romantic restaurants I’ve ever been to.

xoxo, me

September 9, 2010 / smooochie


You can do virtually anything.  It is possible.

I’ll not say “Be realistic” – because a realist is a pessimist in denial.

The only productive way is to be optimistic and continue believing that I will ultimately reach my goal.  It is important to be keep my thoughts focused and clear and be determined about it. Karma – love of humanity will benefit you as love and respect can help me get help.

Doesn’t this sound like the law of attraction to you now?

Its my last day of work today.  Have been reminiscing all the good ol’ times at my work place. 3 years is a long long time and i must move forward now based on what i know – and i believe that an even better outcome is available to me through this change in direction.

on the cruise!

christmas lunch @ Fullerton

CNY dinner @ Lei Garden

and drinks @ Equinox bar

Thanks to everybody who had helped me take this path for the past few years.  I will miss everybody (almost) and all the best to all of us!!

Last few weeks of work met Angeline our newest intern! She’s like the cutest and my lunch buddy.. 🙂

We are both foodies so we eat alot!

TCC’s 1 for 1 offer!!



And here’s us @ Il Fiore Restaurant, one of my fave pasta restaurants btw.  Il Fiore is a hidden gem in the city and is just 1 minute away from my ex-work place!! Lunch crowd is not that busy and the price is still quite affordable for a daily lunch thing!  That day is filled with great foods!!

with Nic the joker who always tells the funniest stories and make us laugh!!

The chef customised this seafood pasta soup for me! Which i really really love!!

Here’s the normal seafood pasta!

And at night…. dinner @ Wahiro Japanese Restaurant with xin and daddy!

Here’s the addy of that place! However, please be warned that this place will spoil your appetite for conventional and mass-produced japanese restaurants (Sakae sushi, sushi tei, ichiban boshi etc etc).

This place serves the real Japanese food!!

There’s actually another restaurant that we originally tried to go to, but they were full and we went to Wahiro instead.

This miso dish has a rich and creamy taste and goes surprisingly well with nato!

Seriously – DO NOT order sashimi if you want to ruin your appetite for sashimi in the conventional restaurants.

Seriously the best!!

Grilled fish & Tempura.  The fish is a MUST-try! It melts in your mouth and leaves a really sweet and irresistable sensation!! The tempura i would say, not the best i’ve ever tried but the seafood is fresh and crisp.

This is pork with asparagus or something like your yakitori sticks.

This is pork wrapped with ginger and bamboo shoots.


Lotus & some mashed potatoes!

I don’t really like this cold noodles with anchovies in it.  Its actually quite bland but it tastes great with sakae!!

I usually order hot sakae but the cold sakae here is actually quite good!!

Needless to say, the sushi is like…. mouthwateringly goood!

My stomach is actually growling at 3.54am and thus i think i should stop here for tonight!!

Will post more posts tomorrow!!